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Treatment for Your Pet’s Upset Stomach in Evansville, IN

You should never ignore your pet’s loss of appetite or disregard a vomiting spell. Upset stomachs, lethargy, and frequent vomiting in cats and dogs may not have a serious cause, but leaving the problem unaddressed can lead to more severe problems and dehydration.

Chateau Dog & Cat Hospital in Evansville, IN, can prevent a minor situation from becoming much worse. Our veterinarian team will evaluate the reasons for your pet’s upset stomach and treat their digestive system to keep your them happy and healthy.

Daisy and Lily, Boxers

Why Pets Vomit

Often, diet can be to blame if your pet frequently vomits. Whether your pet’s regular food disagrees with them or they ate something while you weren’t looking, your furry friend’s stomach can easily be disturbed by what they ingest. Note the contents and color of the bile so you can describe it to your vet. It’s not pretty, but doing this helps our team quickly identify the problem and provide effective treatment.

In other cases, vomiting can be a sign of a more serious health issue, including gastroenteritis, cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, parasites, exposure to toxins or poison, infections, liver or kidney disease, allergies, or side effects from food, drugs, or a disease.

How to Handle a Pet with an Upset Stomach

If your pet throws up, remain calm and don’t punish or shout at your pet. Even house-trained animals can’t control when and where they vomit, especially if they are ill. Chances are, your dog or cat is already feeling sick, confused, and upset, so there’s nothing to be gained from punishment.

Before vomiting, you may notice both dogs and cats eating grass, drooling or licking their lips excessively, or coughing and heaving. Sometimes, your pet may simply be regurgitating a bad meal, but there may be a more dangerous cause behind the discomfort.

Call Chateau Dog & Cat Hospital right away if your pet:

  • Vomits frequently
  • Loses his or her appetite
  • Suffers from diarrhea
  • Projectile vomits (a sign of an obstructed gastrointestinal tract)
  • Urinates less than usual (a sign of dehydration)
  • Has a large or swollen abdomen

Puppies and kittens are especially vulnerable to severe health problems caused by vomiting and diarrhea. Without prompt treatment, baby animals become dehydrated and weak very quickly. Failing to treat a young animal with an upset stomach can be fatal, so call Chateau Dog & Cat Hospital in Evansville, IN, at the first signs of illness. After all, getting a bit of advice or a coming to our veterinary team for a short exam is much easier than dealing with an emergency or losing your pet forever.

If you contact our team and the vomiting is not severe in an adult animal, we may recommend restricting all food for several hours. After that time, we’ll advise you to slowly reintroduce gentle foods, such as white rice, before switching back to regular dog food. Or, depending on the reasons for your pet’s illness, we may suggest trying a new kind of kibble completely. The time and types of food will vary based on the age and size of your dog or cat, so even if you don’t need to visit our office just yet, you can still contact our team for at-home care and advice.

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