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Evansville Pet Dentistry Services

Don’t Let Your Pet Develop Gum Disease!

In addition to being our best friends and special members of our families, our pets are more like us than we sometimes realize. Dogs and cats require routine dental care to prevent many of the same issues that humans would face if we never brushed our teeth or went to see a dentist. Call us today to schedule a dental exam for your dog or cat with one of our licensed veterinarians.

Guam and son Frickles, Blue Heeler Mix

Our Dentistry Services

Some of the veterinary dental services we provide in Evansville include:

  • Comprehensive dental exam
  • Regular dental cleaning (like people, your dog or cat will need regular cleanings every six months to a year, depending on their individual oral health and dental needs)
  • Treatment for any existing dental problems like plaque buildup or gingivitis

Protect Your Pet’s Oral Health

Just like their humans, pets are vulnerable to a number of oral and general health problems if they don’t get regular cleanings. Because oral care can be a bit stressful for dogs and cats, we also feature a variety of methods to reduce their anxiety. Improve your pet’s breath and reduce their plaque by scheduling a cleaning with our oral care experts!

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