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X-rays (also known as radiographs) provide us with clear, quality images of bones, joints, organs, and teeth. With digital radiography, we can capture very detailed images of what’s happening inside your pets’ body in less than 30 seconds per position. We can find a broken bone, an enlarged heart, a bladder stone, or a foreign body intestinal obstruction, and more with minimal time and anxiety for you and your pet. Digital radiographs allow for quicker findings, resulting in less exposure to X-rays and less time under anesthesia.

Dental Radiography

Dental radiography is used to help us diagnose oral conditions. If your pet develops dental disease and needs a teeth cleaning or oral surgery, the dental radiography helps us identify disease below the gum line that would otherwise be missed.


Ultrasound (sonogram) provides detailed images of the structure of an organ. This used with x-ray may complete the diagnostic picture to better diagnose your pet. We use ultrasound for an assortment of situations including pregnancy confirmation; free fluid evaluation; abdomen, heart and kidney inspection; and even mass or tumor assessments.