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Spaying/Neutering in Evansville

Your Family Pet Is in Good Hands

Having your pets spayed and neutered is the best weapon against animal overpopulation and neglect. But it is also an important tool for our Evansville veterinarians in helping to prevent everything from cancer to aggression and marking behaviors. Call our office today to discuss the procedure with a member of our experienced team.

Fiona, English Bulldog

Benefits to Neutering

Some of the benefits of having your dog and cat neutered (removing the testicles) include:

  • Prevent potential prostate problems and cancer
  • Fight overpopulation
  • Reduce aggression and marking
Ghost, Great Dane, with Owner

Benefits to Spaying

Some of the benefits of having your dog and cat spayed (removing the uterus and ovaries) include:

  • Prevent pregnancy and reduce overpopulation
  • Reduce the risk of cancer

Schedule an Appointment to Have Your Pet Spayed or Neutered Today!

Our skilled and compassionate veterinarians will make sure your pet is as calm and comfortable as possible throughout the procedure. For more information, call our office today at 812-477-8866 to schedule an appointment.

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